How To Get TN Visa Sample Letters

Having trouble finding TN Visa sample letters that were ACTUALLY used to successfully enter the United States under a TN Visa? The intent of this site is pure and simple.

We offer a compilation of TN Visa letters that were actually used to apply for the TN Visa upon entry of the United States.


The sample letters are

 greenCheckmarkDrafted by top immigration attorneys greenCheckmarkUsed by Fortune 100 legal counsel
 greenCheckmarkUsed in successful entries into US  greenCheckmarkFive (5) separate samples
 greenCheckmarkUp to date sample letters  greenCheckmarkIncludes one (1) mail renewal sample


How it works

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Our Concept

We like to keep things simple.  We do not sell step-by-step guides nor do we use questionable ad tactics to monetize our website.  We do not claim to replace legal advice and we do not market other visa products such H1B or marriage visa etc.  All we offer are sample TN letters.

We understand the importance of TN letter in the TN application process and that’s what we offer.  Simple as that!

By now you probably realize that there are too many generic templates online that really do not provide any structure or enough detail to be meaningful.  If your potential employer is willing to work with you to attain the TN Visa, it is common that the HR rep (or even the in-house legal counsel!) may not have the experience nor knowledge of how the letter should be drafted.  Having some real examples not only help you with creating your own letter, it will actually help you in the interview process if the employer realizes how easy it is and not pass you for another local candidate.

We believe that America is a land of opportunity and at the same time, there are no shortage of ways “foreign citizens” can bring value to the country.  Our goal is not to reform the immigration policy but merely to play a small part in educating about the NAFTA agreement related to employment under TN.

What about renewal?  Or by mail?  One of the letters in the package was used for a renewal by mail.


Customer Testimonials

“Once I got the verbal offer, I had no idea what the TN Visa process entailed.  Thanks for the site and the samples were great!”  – Adam Y.  | San Francisco

“Great samples – the company attorney used the same format after all!” – Renee C.  | New York

“No hassle, straight up visa letters. All I need.”  – Sebastian W.  | Los Angeles