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We are a group of Canadian and American citizens with over 60 years of Fortune 50 and entrepreneurial experience in Technology, Investment Bank, Accounting, and Real Estate fields.  Most of us have started our career in Canada and have since made our way to New York and California.  Over the years, we have first hand direct experience with the TN process and worked with different legal teams on the TN packages from in-house legal counsel to independent immigration attorneys from both U.S. and Canada.

Due to the nature of our work, our experience also includes entering the U.S. via different  entry points across the nation from Vancouver airport entry to Champlain border crossing near Montreal.  One of our application even includes entering the U.S. in a school bus full of graduate students.  Yes we’ve seen it all!  We can probably write a book about our adventures but we thought it is more useful to focus on one thing that most people struggle with and that is TN application letter.

We admit that not all of our entries were successful and we found that in many cases, the source of the issue lies in the inconsistency of what is presented in the letter.  The rules and regulations of NAFTA are pretty clearly stated so it made perfect sense to us that at the minimum, the letter should be well written.

We have advised many of our friends and coworkers and found that a good sample letter goes a long way in helping them successfully attaining a TN Visa.  Our site was born!

Thanks for reading and best wishes!

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