QuestionMarkHow does the payment work? Is it secured?
PencitThe payment and downloading service is provided by FetchApp and PayPal, two of the most reputable companies in the industry.  The accepted form of payment are credit cards and PayPal.  Once the payment is accepted, FetchApp will direct you to a secured download link to download the file instantly.  You will also receive a confirmation email.

QuestionMarkWhat will show on my credit card statement?
PencitThe transaction will appear on your statement as “PayPal *TNVISASAMPL“.

QuestionMarkI forgot where I saved the file.  Can I download again?
PencitYes you can download twice within the 7 day period.  The purchase confirmation email sent to you will include a link and an order number.  Using the order number and your email address will allow you to download again.

QuestionMarkWho are we?
PencitWe are working professionals in the U.S. and have combined total of applied and attained over 10 TN visas each so we have first hand experience.  We started out by helping our friends and we quickly realized that there is a not a lot information out there that specifically address TN letters. More About Us.

QuestionMarkWhat is included in this package?
PencitThe package includes 5 sample TN Visa letters.  They are all composed by attorneys and reflect different companies/industries.  One of the letters was used for a renewal.  More detail here.

QuestionMarkDo you have a refund policy?
PencitOur goal is to give you the best experience in attaining TN sample letters with no hidden agenda. If you used our letters and was not successful, we will gladly return your money.  Please contact us for more info.

QuestionMarkDo I need to rescind my existing TN Visa to accept an offer from a different company?
PencitNo, you can hold 2 TN visa simultaneously when you are in transitioning in between jobs.  This comes in handy when you get an offer from a different company.  I didn’t about this during my first TN so the pressure I had when I resigned not knowing if my next TN visa will be successful was completely unnecessary.  Live and learn I suppose.

QuestionMarkCan I drive to a border just to obtain the visa and turn around and return?
PencitYes, many Canadians who have the option of driving prefer this method as it can be cost effective. Similarly for Canadians who are “renewing” their visa can just drive up and come back on the same day.  There is another option via submitting renewal by mail.  The filing cost is $325 and similar documentation is required.  Our sample includes a letter that was used in a mail-in renewal.

QuestionMarkIs a TN Visa renewable?
PencitTechnically speaking, a TN is not renewable but is good for 3 years. However, you can apply for another TN visa that lets you continue to work for the same or different employer for another 3 years and there is no limit the applications.  As noted above, renewal can be submitted by mail.

QuestionMarkDo you offer legal advice?
PencitNo but we know a few people (attorneys) who do. Shoot us an email and we will share our contacts – no strings attached! info-“at”-tnvisasample.com

QuestionMarkI’m a Canadian citizen. Do I need a visa to interview with an employer?
PencitNo, you do not require a visa to interview with a U.S. company.

QuestionMarkAny recommendations of sites and links?
PencitUS Deparment of State Overview, Canada Immigration on NAFTA, Lengthy Manual, and of course Wikipedia on TN Status.

hr-fadeLineWhat is included in the Sample Letter Package for $50?

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